Building Management System
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The correctly designed installations means the combination of safety, functionality and comfort. 


The correct lighting is a combination of comfort and usability with the beauty of architecture.
projektowanie architektoniczne


Architecture is our passion. Designing we draw attention to the comfort, convenience and energy efficiency.


Cogeneration means producing heat and electrical energy with maximal reduction of losses.

projektowanie instalacji bmsBuilding Managment System, known as BMS is the management of the various building systems using a single program.

BMS may operate both in a single building and in the complex of buildings. This system is most commonly used by the bussinesses (eg. hotels, factories), commercial enterpreneurs (eg. shopping centers), public service offices (eg. offices, hospitals, schools, sports and recreational facilities, office buildings). BMS can however be successfully applied for individual customers, depending on their needs.

BMS lets to control lighting and energy parameters, additionally monitoring the operation of systems and detecting any irregularities in its functioning. Information obtained by the system are used for automatic control, which helps in controling the operation of the equipment, adapting it to the user requirements.

The very important characteristic feature of the system is the possibility od immediate reaction for unusual event recordes in the system, e.g. a suddenly energy consumption growth etc.

Implementation of the BMS system increases the functionality, safety and comfort of the building users while reducing operating costs.

Choosing the BMS system the ENIS specialist guarantee:

  • optimal solutions in the field of light and energy,
  • reducing operating costs of buildings,
  • merging various systems into one building system,
  • effective monitoring of the building with one program,
  • possibility to remotely turn on or turn of the light, ventilation, alarm, heating and other installations,
  • easy connection and data transfer between buildings (the quantity of energy consumption, the frequency of alarm),
  • efficient and faster service of technical staff.

ENIS company offers assistance in designing and launching a BMS system in your building. The system will provide the best solutions for air conditioning, ventilation, heating, lighting, CCTV and access control systems.

Today, the buildings should be managed in an effective and smart way.

ENIS company offers complete solutions from design to implementation. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.


projektowanie oświetlenia
The combination of comfort and usability with the beauty of architecture and environment including energy efficiency of lighting.


Cogeneration allows for cost reduction of the electric energy and heat production in the area of its application.

Fire alarm systems

instalacje ppoż
Fire Alarm System is intended to provide the highest safety level for all users of buildings.

Electrical installations

projektowanie instalacji
Electrical installations designed by ENIS mean the high quality, comfort and usage safety.

Telecommunication systems

instalacje teletechniczne
Telecommunication engineering is an essential element of the project of every public building, industrial buildings and residential blocks.

Building Management System

instalacje bms
BMS allows for parameter control of the building systems, e.g. lighting, heating, air conditioning etc.


Supporting investments in the field of solar energy usage to produce electrical energy.


Realization of architecture projects of industrial, municipal and individual buildings.

Safe crossing for Pedestrians

bezpieczne przejscieWe encourage you to familiarize yourself with the project "Safe crossing for Pedestrians", aimed at improving road safety.

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