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Grants support the financing of investments related to the development and implementation of...


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The correct lighting is a combination of comfort and usability with the beauty of architecture.


Future Energy

Photovoltaics is the most innovative and ecological technology for the production of electricity...
projektowanie architektoniczne


Energy efficient

Architecture is our passion. Designing we draw attention to the comfort, convenience and energy efficiency.

dotacje, fotowoltaika, projektowanie architektoniczne, architektResponsible energy and environmental policy is one of the basic conditions for development of farming. Both need to improve the competitiveness of Polish farms and Polish membership in the European Union encourages farmers to undertake investments aimed at enhancing the efficiency of production and meeting the growing requirements of environmental legislation.

Farmers who do not take the modernization of their holdings significantly decrease their chances for maintenance of farm profitability. On the other hand farmers who would not fulfill increasing environmental requirements, could entail financial penalties.

A specially intensive actions require in particular issues related to the technical condition and the standard of farm buildings, the degree of mechanization and replacing existing farm equipment into the equipment related to the environment. Innovative investments in agricultural holdings and responsible energy and environmental policy are also a large field of finding savings. Modernization efforts and the fulfillment of environmental requirements in the future will contribute to opportunities for EU direct payments to farmers, as well as to further activities for rural development. ENIS implementing energy efficiency solutions in either small or large farm optimize costs, saves a real money of his clients while better protects the environment. Such an approach is not only consistent with the energy policy of the European Union, but indeed required and supported with the different Structural Funds.

As a part of our business, we offer services helping to conduct economical and environmentally friendly energy:

  • obtaining investment grants form European and national funds (np. For modernization of technical infrastructure, purchase of equipments and devices) - preparing concepts, business plans, preparing the proposal, overseeing the implementation of the project, settlement of grants,
  • implementation of renewable energy sources - such as energy production from biomass, the use of biogas, wind energy production - the preparation, financing and supervision of projects,
  • taking the role of an alternative investor – realization and financing of projects. 

With us your farm becomes more profitable, better manages its resources and reduces operating and production costs. We advise how to spend less and earn more. ENIS - Energy, Science and Environment is a signpost for the future and a guarantee of the efficient and modern management.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us.

Costs optimization

optymalizacja kosztów
Realization of the projects identifying and implementing permanent savings.

Research & development

badania i rozwój
R & D projects and commercialization the results of this work - this areas will be strongly supported.

Smart City

smart city
Smart City - application of modern technologies to improve the functioning of cities.

Lighting modernization

modernizacja oświetlenia
Modernization of lighting allows for cost reduction of electric energy and servicing the lighting system.


Realization of architecture projects of industrial, municipal and individual buildings.


Supporting investments in the field of solar energy usage to produce electrical energy.


Cogeneration allows for cost reduction of the electric energy and heat production in the area of its application.

Safe crossing for Pedestrians

bezpieczne przejscieWe encourage you to familiarize yourself with the project "Safe crossing for Pedestrians", aimed at improving road safety.

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