Preferential loans
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  Cofinancing     R&D  

R&D projects and commercialization of its results will be strongly supported. The main goal – connection of science and industry.

Investments   cofinancing

Grants for investments are one of the most important methods of support for entrepreneurs, public institutions and farmers.

Technological credit

Technological credit gives the possibility to obtain financial support for innovative investments in the are of new technologies.

Preferential loans

Preferential loans are aimed at financing environment protection investments, as well as depending on the region...

preferencyjne pożyczkiThe system of preferential loan funds for small and medium-sized enterprises is one of the functioning forms of support the development of entrepreneurship in Poland.

Preferential loans are intended primarily to finance investments related to the conduct and development economic activities, protection of the environment, as well as, depending on the region of Poland, loans may also be designated for the company's assets. Activities financed with the use of preferential loans should contribute to the creation of new jobs and strengthening the capacity of companies and enterprises by increasing their innovation and competitiveness.

The incentive to apply for preferential loans are competitive terms of getting it, comparing to commercial banks. Depending on the region:

  • interest rate ranges from 2.25 to 7% per year,
  • provisions for the loan up to 3%,
  • the maximum loan period up to 10 years,
  • the possibility of grace for repayment of capital - a maximum of 6 months,
  • the possibility of remission a part of the capital loan.

Therefore, our specialists for your business:

  • select the best loan - provide adequate documentation in order to obtain the loan,
  • prepare a business plan,
  • fill in the necessary credit applications.

If you are interested in obtaining for your company or enterprise loans on preferential terms, please contact us.

Smart City

smart city
Smart City leads to increased effectiveness of city functioning, thanks to the use of modern technologies.

Street lighting control

sterowanie oświetleniem ulicznym
Application of the lighting control systems is the main source of savings.

Lighting modernization

modernizacja oświetlenia
Lighting modernization allows for reduction of electrical energy costs and servicing of the lighting system.

Safe crossing for Pedestrians

bezpieczne przejscieWe encourage you to familiarize yourself with the project "Safe crossing for Pedestrians", aimed at improving road safety.

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