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  Cofinancing     R&D  

R&D projects and commercialization of its results will be strongly supported. The main goal – connection of science and industry.

Investments   cofinancing

Grants for investments are one of the most important methods of support for entrepreneurs, public institutions and farmers.

Technological credit

Technological credit gives the possibility to obtain financial support for innovative investments in the are of new technologies.

Preferential loans

Preferential loans are aimed at financing environment protection investments, as well as depending on the region...

dotacje unijneIn 2007-2013 Poland benefits from financial assistance from the European Union granted under so called operational programmes. Each of the programmes specify the types of the projects that can be financed, institutions (beneficiaries) who are eligible to submit proposals and conditions that must be met for that purpose.

Institutions interested in obtaining funding from EU funds will be able to apply for assistance under the national operational programmes, as well as under regional programmes. Both national and regional operational programmes include priorities and measures directly connected with the wide conception of environmental protection and respect of energy. Moreover, regardless of EU funds there are also other aid programmes in support of these areas, such as EEA Financial Mechanism, the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (wildly known as the Norwegian funds).


The aim of the programme is to improve the investment attractiveness of Poland and its regions through the development of technical infrastructure while protecting and improving the environment, health, preserving cultural identity and the development of territorial cohesion. In the implementation of the programme will be involved 37.6 billion, of which the amount of EU contribution will reach up to 27.9 billion Euros, while the national contribution - 9.7 billion Euros.

The division of EU funds available under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment between the various sectors is as follows:

  • environment - 4.8 billion Euros,
  • transport - 19.4 billion Euros,
  • energy - 1.7 billion Euros,
  • culture - 490.0 million Euros
  • health - 350.0 million Euro,
  • higher education - 500.0 million Euros.

The group of energetic and environmental activities will be realised under the programme:

  • water and sewage management system (3 275.2 million Euros),
  • waste management and conservation of the earth's surface (1430.3 million Euros),
  • resources management and preventing environmental hazards (655.0 million Euros),
  • industrial enterprises adapting to the requirements of the protection of the environment (667.0 million Euros),
  • environmental protection and forming environmental attitudes (105.6 million Euros),
  • environment-friendly energy infrastructure and energetic efficiency (1 403.0 million Euros),
  • energetic security, including diversification of energy sources (1 693.2 million Euros).

Smart City

smart city
Smart City leads to increased effectiveness of city functioning, thanks to the use of modern technologies.

Street lighting control

sterowanie oświetleniem ulicznym
Application of the lighting control systems is the main source of savings.

Lighting modernization

modernizacja oświetlenia
Lighting modernization allows for reduction of electrical energy costs and servicing of the lighting system.

Safe crossing for Pedestrians

bezpieczne przejscieWe encourage you to familiarize yourself with the project "Safe crossing for Pedestrians", aimed at improving road safety.

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